AirMan 300ml Universal Tyre Sealant

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The 300ml Valve Through Sealant bottle can be used with any standard tyre compressor and requires no technical knowledge or tools. Simply connect the air hose from a tyre compressor to the valve on the bottle, and connect the hose from the bottle directly to the tyre. Once the pump is switched on, the air will push the sealant directly through the valve and inflate the tyre.

AirMan's industry leading tyre sealant is designed to seal punctures up to 6mm and is the same trusted solution supplied directly to nearly all leading vehicle manufacturers. The AirMan sealant is based on particle gel technology which can be easily rinsed out using water to allow for full repair.

- 300ml Sealant is perfect for all motorcycle tyre sizes (Tube type as well as Tubeless)
- Seals punctures up to 6mm for a minimum of 125 miles.
- Suitable for use with any standard tyre compressor and tyre valves.
- Non toxic, non corrosive, TPMS safe and approved by the largest automotive manufacturers in the world.
- Easily washes out of the tyre with water to allow for full repair.
- Suitable for all vehicle brands

Operates at -20oC to +60oC / -4oF to +140oF.
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