Video DVD "Off-road technique for adventure bike riders" (english)

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Mastering the basics of off-road riding is essential for those who ride adventure bikes off the beaten track.
Specially designed for adventure riders with little off-road experience, this video workshop takes off-road sport techniques and tailors them to suit drivers of heavy machines. The content of these exercises is specifically adapted to meet situations that typically arise on tour. Based on motorcycle ergonomics and correct riding position, step by step instructions are given for all elementary off-road riding techniques.
In 11 lessons, this video workshop shows clearly how every adventure bike rider can master and enjoy the challenges of an off-pavement journey safely. Each lesson familiarises you, step by step, with a different riding technique. Elaborate slow motion shots clarify the sequences of movement, graphics and animations help you to understand the principles.

The lessons:
- Bike set-up
- Correct riding position
- Braking
- Cornering
- Riding uphill
- Riding downhill
- Turning on the slope
- Overcoming obstacles
- Riding on sand
- Moving off on sand
- Lifting your motorcycle

A film by Andreas Reimar Expert advice: Lars Würdemann Presentation: Stefan Nebel

Run time: Approx. 40 minutes
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