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The Touratech Destino Touring 2 HDry motorcycle boot combines maximum touring comfort with field-tested robustness. Due to this concept, it is absolutely made for the versatile demands of adventure riders who like to spice up their tours with gravel stages. Thanks to the refinement of the leather using advanced laminate technology, the latest generation has even better breathability and is waterproof at the same time.

Leather laminate instead of membrane

The most important innovation in this all-rounder has to do with moisture protection. The Destino Touring 2 HDry is made using the name-giving, particularly high-quality HDry leather laminate. The advantages are obvious. Whereas the loose membrane in constructions with a liner is always subject to a certain amount of relative movement between the layers and the associated tensile and frictional forces, in the HDry leather laminate, the membrane and the outer material form an inseparable unity. No water can penetrate between the leather and the membrane, there are no seams prone to defects, and the material stress is distinctly lower. In addition to the significantly higher robustness, this leather laminate upgrades the Destino Touring 2 HDry, above all, through noticeably improved breathability.

Elaborate safety concept
This boot features an elaborate safety concept, with a robust sole, protectors on the shin and ankle, a double layer of leather on the heel and forefoot, as well as heat protection on the inside of the leg. The triple fixation, using solidly screwed buckles, guarantees a secure fit. Certification according to the latest CE standard guarantees the safe-guarding effect of the protectors.

Comfortable and practical
Although it is equipped with robust protectors, the Touring 2 HDry is extremely comfortable to wear. In addition to the HDry leather laminate, the Air-Pump insole contributes to a pleasant climate inside the boot by means of effective air circulation. Being able to open the shaft wide makes pulling it on and off particularly easy. When closed, the Touring 2 HDry is extremely slim, so that wearing it under trousers works well. The shaft width can be adjusted individually by means of Velcro fasteners and adjustable locking buckles. Flex zones ensure good ankle mobility. A flat-cut forefoot area enables a good feel for the gear lever, while generous reinforcement of the area impacted when shifting gears protects the boot from abrasion. As a smart extra, the Touring 2 HDry, like all boots in the Destino family, has a pull out stainless steel cable to secure it against theft.

- Waterproof and breathable thanks to state-of-the-art HDry leather laminate technology
- Certified according to CE standard
- High shaft with shin protector
- Ankle protectors and double leather layers on heel and forefoot
- Heat protection on the inside of the leg
- Soft and flexible shaft end prevents dirt getting in
- Adjustment of the shaft width by means of a robust Velcro surface with a big overlap and fastening buckles
- The 3-fold fixation and solidly screwed fasteners provide a secure fit
- Synthetic reinforcement on the outside of the leg
- Best possible compromise between high safety and maximum comfort
- Easy to pull on and off due to wide opening shaft
- High mobility due to flex zones in the ankle joint
- Reflective area in the rear flex zone
- Pleasantly light boot for excellent wearing comfort even on long tours
- "Air-Pump" insole for air circulation
- Durable, oiled full-grain leather
- Oil and petrol resistant, particularly slip-resistant sole
- Flat-cut forefoot area, good feel for the gear lever
- Generous reinforcement of the area impacted when shifting gears
- Pull out stainless steel cable to secure the boots
- Slim fit boot for wearing under and over motorcycle trousers

Please note: Sizes are small, please order approx. 1 size bigger!

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